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Modeling Across the Curriculum

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Atoms and Molecules Guide

Subject: Chemistry

These activities explore atoms and subatomic particles. In addition, molecules, types of bonds and states of matter are presented.

Recommended Sequence

Since the activities increase in complexity from the first simple models and user interface introductions to the later activities requiring integrated models and sophisticated reasoning skills, we strongly recommend that learners complete the core activities in sequence.

In addition to the activities, there is a pre-test, a post-test, and embedded assessment pieces that enable the MAC project to evaluate students' progress and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the activities.

Please make sure to administer the Pre-Test before the core activities and the Post-Test after the core activities. They are an essential part of this research project.

Chemica Sequence


  1. Orbitals
  2. Finding the Nucleus
  3. Atom Structure
  4. Electric Fields and Orbitals
  5. Types of Bonds
  6. States of Matter
  7. Phase Change
  8. van der Waals (optional)

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