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Modeling Across the Curriculum

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This project will create multiple replacement units in physical science, chemistry, and biology.

Course Units Status
Physical Science Kinematics, Newtonian Mechanics Ready
Chemistry Gas Laws, Atoms and Molecules Ready
Biology Genetics, Population Dynamics Ready

We are currently producing the physical science units in Dynamica™, a model for teaching and exploring the effect of forces on point masses. Using a set of objects that includes masses, forces, walls and targets, Dynamica's real world analogs range from projectile motion to properties of gases.  Units include Vector Motion, Motion Graphs, F=ma, Collisions and Gravity. Units will be ready by fall 2004.

The chemistry units use the Connected Chemistry™ environment to model gas laws and states of matter. Connected Chemistry offers four activities. Other Chemistry units on topics concerning Atoms and Molecules are also available.

The biology units are the most developed, consisting of a dozen or so BioLogica™ activities that teach genetics and population dynamics through increasingly elaborate models of the parts, processes, and mechanisms of genetics.

Teacher's guides are available in PDF format for all the Pedagogica activities. View activity guides.

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